customer service

How do I sign up for the loyalty program?

Sign up online at or or in the store with a team member. If you do sign up in-store, you must complete your registration online within 30 days in order for your account to receive and keep any points earned. If you do not create your account within 30 days your points will expire.

How many points do I earn per purchase?

Loyalty members earn 1 point per $1 spent before taxes, shipping, handling or other fees. Must be logged in when making purchases.

Why are my loyalty points not showing up?

Loyalty points may take up to 48 hours to appear. The orders must be confirmed in our system before points are issued. If you have any questions please contact customer service.

Can I redeem my points for an item in the store?

At this time, loyalty members can only redeem points online at or

How/where do I view my point balance?

Guests may view their point balance by logging into their loyalty account on or

How can points be redeemed?

Loyalty members can redeem points by logging into or Points can be redeemed for gift cards, exclusive product, game tickets and other great items. Products are based on availability and may go quickly!

Do I get points for purchasing a gift card?

No, when you purchase a gift card no points will be added to your account. However, you will receive points when you purchase product using a gift card as a payment method.

Are there ways to earn double points?

There will occasionally be times where guests can earn double points. For example, we may offer double points during a certain time period. Guests will be notified via email of these offers and may check the loyalty page on or to view if/when these offers are available.

Upon signing up for the loyalty program, do I accrue points with my first purchase?

Yes, however, guests must complete their online registration (received via email) at or within 30 days of purchase or their point balance will return to zero (0).

Do loyalty points ever expire?

Yes, points expire at the end of a full calendar year only if a purchase has not been made by the end of a full calendar year. Ex 1: If a customer makes a purchase on 1/1/16, their points do not expire until 12/31/17, if no other purchase has been made. Ex 2: If a customer makes a purchase on 12/31/16, their points will expire on 12/31/17, if no other purchase has been made.

Can I purchase loyalty products without loyalty points?

No. Loyalty products can only be purchased by redeeming with Loyalty Points

Can I use loyalty points to purchase something on the website that isn’t part of the loyalty program?

No. Loyalty points can be redeemed only to purchase loyalty products/gift cards/experiences. If you are unhappy with the selection of loyalty offerings you can redeem your points for a gift card which can be used on online or in store.

Do I need to pay taxes and shipping when I purchase loyalty items?

No. Fanzz will pay the taxes and shipping of loyalty items.